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Chas Johnson performs primarily with electronic media including drum machines, sequencers and computers as well as the bass guitar. He began playing in bands in Ohio as a student at Antioch College and continued in Atlanta, and the DC area. His interest in ’80s music and New Wave/Post Punk was formed during his days as a model for the House of Walker in NYC.

Marc Parsons is the lead singer and guitarist of He's Not Here. A longtime DC choral singer, acoustic guitar player and occasional percussionist, Marc finally added electric guitars and pedals to the mix a few years ago, before finding a home in He's Not Here. He is an architect by day, and a home studio enthusiast and composer by night. A lifelong lover of music and child of the 80’s; progressive rock, electronica, new wave, trip hop, jazz, film score and more continue to inspire and influence his playing.

David Blakeslee has played drums in DC area bands for more than 20 years at clubs including Phantasmagora, 9:30, and Black Cat. In addition to his live performances, he has worked and recorded with the bands Second Thought (on Death Rebel Music and on Dischord Records), Conniption Fit, and Arecibo.

His playing encompasses different styles, centering on jazz and rock.

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